September 24, 2008

Canadian Politics: The Great Mystery

When it comes to Canadian politics Canadians do some funny things, especially elections.

There are five main Canadian political parties:

Conservative - current government, latest polls show 36% support, ideology=right of center
Liberal - current opposition, polling around 30%, ideology= left of center
NDP - third in popularity, polling at 17%, ideology=left
Bloc Quebecois - Quebec separatist party, polling 6%, ideology=pro-Quebec
Green - polling fourth at about 9%, ideology=far left

Looking at this information we can make a quick conclusion: 56% of the Canadian public are supporting parties that are at least left of center, and 36% support a party that is right of center. And that party is in power?

Essentially, a third of the population is getting just what they want and everyone else is getting the shaft, at least it seems that way on paper. I don't think enough Canadians truly pay due attention to where their party stands on the issues. If we did, we would never have elected Stephen Harper and the Conservatives, right? Canadians need to make a practical decicion when we go to the polls this October.

A Conservative majority in the next election would be a perfect contradiction between where the majority of Canadians stand politically and where their government does.

My fellow Canucks: regardless of which party you ultimately support, I implore you to vote on the issues, look at the big picture, and focus not on who looks better in a cardigan, who's the best hockey dad, or who speaks better English. We're better than that.

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