September 29, 2009

Ally the Left-of-Centre?

2003 witnessed a huge event in Canadian politics conservatives made a pragmatic decision. They united the two right-of-centre parties, (Canadian Alliance, Progressive Conservatives) because they knew it had to be done if they ever wanted to govern the country.

Look where they are now.

I never could have imagined a possible Conservative majority in this this day and age. That concept challenges everything I learned growing up about my country and the the political leanings of my fellow Canadians.

While I appreciate the fact that Canada has a multi-party system I am concerned by the thought that my party of choice, the Liberals, is in the political wilderness and will remain there for some time. They lack appeal and a clear policy platform that your average Joe Canuck can cite.

I love the party but it has an identity problem.

Everyone knows what the Conservatives stand for. Everybody knows what the NDP believes in. But what about the Liberals? It's not easy being stuck in the middle, is it? Hence the old quote that says Liberals stand for everything and nothing all at once.

The one word people might use to describe the Liberals is "progressive". I would also use that term to describe the NDP, or maybe "uber-progressive".

Is it time to unite the progressive parties and form a new party? I am a nostalgic person and respect tradition but more importantly, I want a strong, smart, and progressive government running this country.

It seems more and more every day that this hypothetical coalition is the only way a left-of-centre party will form a majority government in the next decade. The Conservatives created this situation by being realistic and doing what was necessary: they allied the conservative parties and gave right-of-centre Canadians a clear choice.

The results of the next election will either completely discredit everything I just said but more likely I think they will enforce it. It depends if we're going to have the Canadian federal election 2009

Just don't invite the Greens to the party. They don't shower.


janfromthebruce said...

Under Iggy, the Liberals are not progressive in anyway shape or form. Nor was it under Martin - this supposed center party keeps on shifting right.
No wonder it is lost - faking left and ruling right - over, and over, and over again just shows that Canadians are smarting up.
Mean what you say and say what you mean.

-Tyler- said...

Great comments! A lot of weight in those points for sure. The outcome of the net election might just prove ou right.

Liam said...

I know this will sound stupid, but I think we need a new 'progressive' party to pull Canada out of the Con trap that's caught all of our other parties in a big mire of muck.

I've mentioned to friends with Greens, the Liberals and the NDP that I'd be happy to see them form an alliance or coalition, but the response I get varies between riotous anger and shameful vain laughter.

I agree with Jan: the Libs under Iggy are NOT 'centre-left'. More so, they allowed Iggy to bully his way into leadership without even a member vote.

To make matters worse, I now feel my NDP vote should have just gone to the Cons because of Jack's treacherous alliance with Harper.

All of these tired parties need to be sent a clear message that Canada's middle of the road population and belief system is not happy with ANY of them!

Neekz said...

I am so down with a coalition... because without one.. we are going to need a star like Obama to win us any majority.

We need a new face, I don't think that we will see a coalition any time soon.

/2 cents

-Tyler- said...

Liam: awesome comments, very thoughtful. It might the time for such a progressive party to be created. A coalition of parties instead of uniting the NDP + Liberals into one party would be a disaster.

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