September 3, 2009

Moderate Politics: Canadian Federal Election 2009

A piece on Canadian politics:

There are a handful of issues that any Canadian moderate thinks should be above partisan politics. They are issues that can bring people together from all parties in support or in opposition to a specific political issue.

People who subscribe to moderate politics care less about where their political party of choice stands on a given issue than they do about what's best for the country. They can vote opposite to their historical tendencies because sometimes their favourite party has taken what they see as the wrong position on an issue.

A moderate makes his/her political decisions based on common sense and pragmatism. They value country first.

Here's a short list of the issues that might come up during the Canadian Federal Election 2009 where moderates could vote with either party:

Arctic sovereignty: Moderates support Canada's effort to bolster its presence in the north. The exact composition of legislation of how to protect the Arctic is debatable. The consensus however, is that Canadians in general are supportive of protecting our Arctic sovereignty. The Liberal Party should make it clear before and during the election that they support protecting Arctic sovereignty. As it stands now, Conservatives have the edge on this one.

National Defense: When it comes to defense, moderates care most about protecting our soldiers, not about drastically increasing the size and funding level of the military although they can support such increases if they are practical and necessary. Making sure soldiers have quality equipment that doesn't put them at greater risk is of utmost importance. Moderates want Canada to have a strong military that can serve it's purpose well, but its size and level of funding should not be disproportionate to the size of our economy.

Social Issues: Moderates believe in personal freedom. They don't like the state dictating what they can do in their personal lives where no one is getting hurt. There are a lot of nanny state laws in Canada that treat adults like children, and they make moderates sick. Here's a few examples: Gay marriage, not allowing UFC events, archaic Marijuana laws, ridiculous liquor laws that resemble those from the U.S. when they should be closer related to those of Europe.

Moderates will decide the Canadian Federal Election 2009. I hope the party leaders are taking notice.

Here comes the 2009 Canadian Federal Election!


Anonymous said...

I've read many of your posts since you became part of PB. I'm guessing your American and part of the RFI.

-Tyler- said...

That's great! I'm glad you have returned.
If you look at the "about Me" section I mention how I am Canadian. Born and raised in northwest B.C.
I'm sorry but what is RFI? When I search it on the net the only thing that I think it might be is "Radio France Internationale"

Anonymous said...

Republicans for Ignatieff.

-Tyler- said...

With respect to economic and foreign policy that statement makes no sense at. Republicans for Harper you mean? You're going to have to elaborte on that RFI thing for it to mean anything.

Give me one factual reason why Republicans would be for Ignatieff.

Saying "I'm guessing your (you're) American and part of RFI" sounds like you think voting with a different party than the Conservatives is un-Canadian. I'm just not sure what your point is.

Neekz said...


Who's the American Anon?

Anonymous said...

My point is there is no moderate union in Can/U.S. politics whatsoever in present time. I don't trust you, I think you have an agenda. I don't like it. Put it down to my instincts, I don't care, but there is something off with you.

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