December 28, 2009

Canadian Political Blogs: The Different Types

When it comes to Canadian politics there are three types of Canadian political blogs out there. The first two types are mostly opinionated while the third is mainly informative.

If you're interested in a political blog on Canadian government or Canadian politics you should always keep in mind a blogger's goals and intentions for writing what they write. Everyone has a bias and sometimes that bias is intentionally manifest while at other times it is latent and needs to be "found" or "discovered".

Here are the main different types of Canadian political blogs:

Type #1 is a party-centered opinionated blog. On these blogs, the writer acts as a partisan political hack defending and supporting their political party of choice while attacking opposing parties' stances on issues. These blogs can sometimes offer information (i.e. news) but will almost always use information selectively -adding and omitting data based on how it makes their political party look.

The verdict: Visit this type of politics blog if you share the writers' worldview and political party preference. Avoid them if you are looking for an objective source of news and information. These blogs do not engage in real journalism.

Type #2 is an opinionated blog that doesn't commit itself to a specific political party. These blogs may come from either side of the political spectrum (i.e. left or right) but they don't actively blog in support of any of the various Canadian political parties on a daily basis. Like type #1 these political blogs have a bias so the key thing to understand when reading them is to find out "where they are coming from". These blogs are the most philosophical in nature.

The Verdict: These sites are ideal for readers who are open to new ideas or for ones who know the politics game and want to hear how the different political actors including bloggers are reacting to current political news and issues.

Type #3 is an information blog. It's main goal is to inform like an online newspaper. The aim of these blogs is to provide a one-stop place for news and information. These blogs can be Canada-wide but they can also be regional (e.g. Western Canada, BC, Northwest BC). These blogs try to gain credibility by being objective.

The Verdict: Visit these blogs if you want your daily dose of political news. Remember: all news has some bias in it -even major newspapers are not free of politics. You can get the most out of these sites if you crave data (Canadian political polls, Canadian election results, social/economic statistics etc.)

There you have it!


Sticks n Stones said...

You will know that a blogger is not objective when he or she uses any of the following: Taliban Jack, Iggy/Iffy, Harpo, or Lizzy May. Name callers tend to have weak arguments.

It's fine to express one's own opinions. Just use some quality arguments in a polite tone of writing/speech. People will respect your opinions.

-=Moderate Union=- said...

Great comments Sticks. I agree 100% with ya. I can't stand that kind of name-calling that is found too often on blogs.

boyari2 said...

This is quite amazing, Mario Laguë is killed in the worst way possible and the Mainstream Media does not disclose ANY of the details.

Is it possible to be any more incompetent than that?

Thank God, the truth is not entirely ignored.

It's time for a new Administration. Mario Laguë was the only Communications Director in Canada who was worth listening to and HIS message lives !

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