March 14, 2011

Moderate Union Returns!

The Moderate Union is back!

The blog has now been renamed "The Canadian Politics Blog". This title change reflects a new approach to the blog -one that focuses on informing the Canadian citizen through a "one-stop" site for everything to do with Canadian politics.

This site's goal is to become the place for Canadian polls, statistics, and top news stories.

With blog posts from the Moderate Union!

Keep you eye on the site as it will be undergoing heavy construction and will soon house a great deal of juicy political facts n' stats for you to chew on during your work break or whenever you choose to indulge yourself in thepolitical "crack" you crave.

My hope is that you'll eventually come to include The Canadian Politics Blog into your "fave' sites" portfolio.

Keep posted.


Anonymous said...


And just in case you think that I am just full of hot air, I PROVIDE IT HERE.

I would love to hear from you.

Montreal Blog said...

...How democratic is it to ban a federal party from debating their opponents when they have the support of around two million Canadians? Whether you agree with Elizabeth May’s policies or not, no one can deny that she has every right to be there to confront her adversaries in front of the country, even former PC Prime Minister Joe Clark agrees with this simple reasoning....

Saf said...

I agree we need deliberation but really none of these clowns have the capacity to speak intelligently. God forbid any of them stand up to any scrutiny on their policies. Worse yet is the fact that this government is fraught with scandals from contempt of parliament to Bed Oda to lying about the G20 summit spend. Yet we Canadians think it's ok. Our foreign policy is a joke and as Canadians, we know longer have any credibility on the world stage. WHat happened to the days of Lester Pearson working towards a better world? It's time we held these overpaid liars accountable.

Anonymous said...

The politicians running in Brampton-Springdale are all corrupt. They are bringing Indian style politics to Canada and it is not right. Please take the time to view the videos on my YouTube Channel (EarsToTheStreetsTV) to get a glimpse of this. The video about the man who was cheated by Conservative candidate Parm Gill is especially heart-wrenching.

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